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Notes can help you share information with your colleagues. You can create them on a prospect's (organization's or deal's) timeline to highlight events that happened outside of Overloop (e.g., a phone call or an online conference). You can also use notes to provide context to one of your teammates concerning a prospect, an organization, or a deal.

Create a note

You can create notes manually directly on a prospect, organization, or deal page. Or automatically as a step of your workflows.

Create notes manually

Open a prospect (organization or deal) panel and click the Note button to create a note. Once created, the note will be displayed on the prospect's (organization's or deal's) activity.

Create notes automatically from a workflow

You can automatically add a note to a prospect, organization, or deal as a step of your workflow.

  1. Open your workflow, click on the plus sign, and select the Add note step.

  2. Enter the note text. You can use the variables and mention users to make the note more informative.

Edit or delete a note

To edit or delete a note, place your cursor on the note event, an Edit and a Delete option will appear.

Mention users in a note

Type the @ symbol or click on it in the text editor and select the user you want to mention.

After you save the note, the mentioned user will receive a notification that you mentioned them.

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