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How to Track my Results in Overloop?
How to Track my Results in Overloop?
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The good way to do sales prospecting and outbound sales at scale is always to test and iterate.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Overloop allows you to measure different metrics:


Overloop gives you 2 different kinds of reports to track your success:

  1. Overall reporting: an overall view of your prospecting activities, for your whole account, and for all your workflows.

  2. Workflow performance: used to understand how a specific workflow performs.

Overall reporting

All your account results and metrics can be seen in the Reports section divided into 3 tabs:

Account activity

The Account Activity tab gives you an overview of the activity happening in your account, grouped by different criteria (date or source of creation, etc.).

Available reports:

  • Organizations

  • Prospects

  • Tasks (created and completed)

  • Notes


Look at the performance of your outbound emails in funnels and graphs and do step-by-step comparisons between up to 5 workflows.

Available reports:

  • Replies funnel: contacted > opened > replied

  • Visits funnel: contacted > opened > clicked > visited

  • Distribution (by dates, days of the week, hours)

  • Bounces & opt-outs


Track your deals and pipelines to have a complete view of your whole sales process.

Available reports:

  • Pipeline funnels

  • Deals creation

  • Won & lost deals

  • Deals value

  • Deals duration

  • Revenue forecast

Campaign performance

The Performance tab, available when you open a campaign, gives you the statistics of the campaign.

See how each step of the campaign performs in terms of opens, clicks, replies, and page visits.

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