You can easily import your contacts, organizations, and deals into your Overloop account.


File requirements

Supported file formats: .csv and .xlsx.

Maximum size: 10MB. If your file is larger than 10MB, we recommend splitting it into multiple smaller files. You can use a tool like

How to start an import

Navigate to the Imports page and click the New import button.

Then drop the file or select it from your computer.

Field Mapping

In the mapping section, select a field for each column of your file.

Columns that are not matched to any field will not be imported.

Required Fields

Some fields are required to import the data from your file. Make sure you have them in the file and map them to the corresponding fields in Overloop.

Contacts: Email or First and Last Name

The column with emails needs to be mapped to the Email (contact) field.

If you do not have the email addresses, the first and last names are the mandatory fields. You can search for the email addresses after the import with our Email Finder.

Organizations: Name

The column with organizations' names should be mapped to the Name (organization) field. Without it, the organizations won't be imported from your file.

Deals: Title, Pipeline & Stage

The columns with deals' names and deals' stages need to be mapped to the Title (deal) and Pipeline & Stage (deal) fields respectively. Without them, the deals won't be imported from your file.

Lists mapping

During the import, you can select the lists to which you want to upload your new contacts or organizations.

There are 2 ways to select the lists: map lists in the Field Mapping step or select the needed lists in the Configuration step.

1. Map lists in the Field Mapping step

For that, you need to have the lists column in your file with the list name(s) in it. Map this column's values (lists names) to the corresponding Lists field (contacts lists or organizations lists) in Overloop.

Map the Lists field (contacts lists or organizations lists) to the corresponding column from your file.

Click on the Lists to map the list names from the file to the corresponding lists in Overloop.

2. Select the lists in the Configuration step

If you didn't map the lists in the Field Mapping step, you can simply select the needed lists for the contacts and/or organizations from the drop-down menu in the Configuration (third) step of the import.


Overloop prevents duplicates.

You can choose to skip the contacts or organizations that are already present in your account or update all the fields that have been mapped.

If a field is empty in your import file but has a value in Overloop, we won’t update it to blank but will keep the existing data.

Verify Your Emails

This option allows you to verify the validity of the imported email addresses. Each verification – whatever the result – costs 1 credit.

Note: if you want to find emails instead, learn how to use the Email Finder.

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