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Send notifications to your Slack channels

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If you integrate Overloop with your Slack instance, you can send notifications to different Slack channels based on events happening in Overloop.


Connect Slack

You can connect your Slack account from Settings > Integrations.

Enable Standard Notifications

Once the app is connected, you can enable different standard notifications in Settings > Notifications.

You can choose to be notified when:

  • prospects click links in your emails;

  • prospects reply to your emails;

  • another user assigned a task to you or mentioned you in a note;

  • your sending address is in error;

  • and many other options.

Create Custom Slack Notifications

You can send custom Slack notifications to public channels or as private messages.

  1. Navigate to the Workflows page and create a new workflow or open an existing one.

  2. Add the Slack step.

  3. Then create the text of the notification and choose the needed channel/person.

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