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Create Your First Campaign (Step-by-step Guide)
Create Your First Campaign (Step-by-step Guide)
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Overloop lets you send automated campaigns to your prospects with scheduled email follow-ups and offers you detailed insights on the delivery and performance.

Campaigns may contain different steps: emails, tasks, notifications, etc. You can start a new campaign right away or schedule it for later.

Campaign creation and setup

  1. Start by clicking the + button > New Campaign on the top of the page.

  2. Name your campaign.

  3. Select the sender of your emails.

  4. Select how you want to add prospects to this campaign: manually from the prospects list, or automatically when they meet specific trigger conditions.
    ​Read more about manual and automatic enrollment.

  5. If you selected the automatic option, then choose the event that will trigger the prospects to start your campaign.

  6. Set up the schedule to send messages.

Add steps

Go ahead and add steps (emails, notifications, etc) to the campaign by clicking the + button and choosing the needed option from the panel on the right.


Create the email using the text editor panel on the right side.

You can use variables in the subject and the body of the email to personalize it. Also, you can insert links, images, and attachments.


Don't forget to set up a delay between your emails!

Your prospects will go to the next step as soon as the previous step is completed. So if you want to wait a few days before you send a follow-up, make sure there's a delay step in between.

LinkedIn actions

Please note that to use LinkedIn actions on campaigns, you first need to connect your LinkedIn account to Overloop.

Profile view

Set this step to automate visiting prospects' profiles on LinkedIn.

Send a connection request

This step allows you to send connection invitations on LinkedIn to your prospects. You can create an invitation message to send together with the connection request.

Type your message in the text editor and add variables to the body of your text to personalize your messages.

Send a LinkedIn message

Set this step to message prospects you are connected to on LinkedIn.

Create your LinkedIn message in the text editor. You can also use variables to personalize your messages.

Start campaign and add prospects

When you've added all the needed steps, you can go ahead and start your campaign.

Add prospects to the campaign

If you've selected the manual enrollment, you need to go to your Prospects page, open your list or manually choose the needed prospects, and click the Add to campaign button.

If you've set up the automatic enrollment, that's it – your prospects will start the campaign as soon as the selected trigger event happens.

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