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What To Do If Your LinkedIn Account Is Restricted
What To Do If Your LinkedIn Account Is Restricted
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Do you see a warning message from LinkedIn or get logged out? Did your LinkedIn account get restricted? Let's try to understand why it could happen and which steps to take next.

Why did LinkedIn block my account?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn will never point out the exact reason why you got on their radar. Moreover, you may get a warning or have your account blocked even if you're not using any automation tool. Here are the most common reasons why it may happen:

  • Too many page views – you started viewing more pages than LinkedIn expected from you based on your previous usage.
    The key here is to properly warm up your account and increase your activity levels gradually. For that reason, we apply a warming-up period when you connect your account to Overloop for the first time.

  • Too many connection requests in a short time and a low acceptance rate for those connection requests.
    LinkedIn set a limit of 100 connection requests per week. If you send the whole bunch of requests in one go, you'll almost certainly get on the LinkedIn radar.
    This is why Overloop sets a daily limit and distributes the connection requests throughout the week. We also automatically revoke old pending connection requests.

  • Too many people flag your connection requests with "I don't know this person."
    Not much you can do about it except carefully choose your prospects and send them personalized messages along with the invitation to connect.
    Remember that with Overloop, you can add variables to your messages to personalize them.

  • Inappropriate or illegal activity or history of repetitive abusive behavior on the account. Make sure that your content complies with LinkedIn policies.

Is your account actually restricted or is it just a warning?

Carefully read the message you see on the screen. LinkedIn may show you a warning but not yet restrict or suspend your account. They usually show such a warning when you visit more than 200 pages in one day and assume that you started using an automation tool.

No worries, LinkedIn can't see that you use Overloop. But it doesn't mean you can ignore this warning, even if your account remains active.

What to do next?

  1. Pause your activity on LinkedIn for 2-3 days. This includes the automation you perform via Overloop (pause LinkedIn campaigns) and your manual activity too.

  2. Keep a low activity level for about a week afterward. Leave the campaigns paused. Limit the manual page views, connection requests, and messages to a minimum.

  3. You can resume the campaigns after a week. If you do, keep an eye on your current daily limit and the number of performed actions (you can find all this info in Settings > LinkedIn account) and adjust your manual usage of LinkedIn accordingly – their radars count all performed actions. This warming-up period should take another week.

You should be able to go back to normal usage within 2 weeks after you saw the warning. It's important to do the warming-up, otherwise, you may see another warning soon and eventually get your account restricted.

The account is temporarily restricted

LinkedIn may temporarily restrict your account from a few hours to a few days. At this point, LinkedIn is almost sure that you use automation, judging from your activity volumes. But even then, they can't see that you use Overloop.

The good news is that the restriction is temporary and you'll regain access to your account soon. However, the next time the suspension time will be longer or may be permanent if you keep ignoring the warnings.

Here's what you need to do to prevent it from happening again:

  • Pause your LinkedIn campaigns in Overloop.

  • Navigate to Settings > LinkedIn account and disconnect your account.

  • Wait 2-3 days after the account is unblocked before you start taking any actions on LinkedIn. Don't visit any profiles, groups, etc; don't even scroll the feed. The best thing you can do is to keep it quiet.

  • Then you should start warming up your account little by little:

    • Keep the automation off.

    • Take it slow – visit a few pages a day, don't send more than 5 connections or messages a day in the beginning, and gradually increase your activity within 10-14 days.

    • Personalize the connection requests and messages as much as possible.

    • Delete any old pending requests.

  • After about 2 weeks of warming up, you can reconnect your LinkedIn account to Overloop and restart the automation. Check your current daily limit in Settings > LinkedIn account, if needed, ask out support team to restart the automatic warming up for you from our end.

What not to do

  1. Don't ignore the warnings. It's fairly simple – if you see a warning, limit your activity and focus on warming up. We prepared this guide to help you through it.

  2. Don't create a new LinkedIn account. You may trigger a permanent ban from LinkedIn.

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