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How to Insert Images in Your Emails
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You can insert images in your emails in Overloop. Click on the Image button in the editor:

From there, you have three possibilities:

  1. Drag and drop an image directly from one of your folders

  2. Click the upload button or the gray area and browse through your folders

  3. Click the link button and paste the URL to your image. We recommend you use an image you have uploaded yourself to a server so as to avoid the image disappearing in case it's taken down by the original uploader.

Animated GIF

You can also insert an animated GIF in your emails. They will be correctly loaded in most email clients.

Dynamic images using custom fields

You can display a dynamic image to each prospect using the custom fields and some coding.

Let's say you have a custom field named Picture URL.

You'll find the template variable associated with this custom field in the list of available variables. The variable would be something like {{prospect_c_picture_url}}

Switch the editor to Code View by clicking this button:

Now insert this code where you want the image to be included:

<img src="{{prospect_c_picture_url}}" />

You can then switch back to the regular editor view. You should see something like this:

Don't worry, your image will not be loaded until you actually send the email and the template variable is replaced.

It's now time to preview your email to see if your picture is correctly inserted. Remember to set the Picture URL field with a link to a picture on the prospect you use to send the preview.

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