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Personalize Your Campaign Emails with Manual Review
Personalize Your Campaign Emails with Manual Review
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Overloop allows you to manually review and personalize campaign emails before they are sent out to each prospect.

How to enable the manual email review

  1. Navigate to the Email step of your campaign and toggle on the "Require manual review before sending" option.

  2. Select who will review the email before sending. This is typically set to the Prospect’s owner, but you can choose any user from your account.

  3. Specify when the review task should be completed, either by the date and time of creation or by a specific date and time.

Review and Personalize

  1. When a prospect reaches the manual email step, a task is automatically created.

  2. Go to the 'Tasks' tab within the campaign or the main Tasks page to find the task.

  3. Click on "Review email" to edit the content of the email.

  4. Once you have personalized the email, click "Approve and Send".

  5. The email joins the sending queue, and the task is marked as completed.

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