Connect your LinkedIn account to Overloop and automate profile visits, connection requests, and direct messages directly from your campaign.

Please note that to use LinkedIn actions on campaigns, you first need to connect your LinkedIn account to Overloop.

Note: To protect your LinkedIn Account, our automation works with a dynamic limit for the LinkedIn actions. You can see your current daily limit in Settings > LinkedIn account.

We simulate human behavior by distributing the LinkedIn actions during your campaign sending window and ensuring a gradual growth of your LinkedIn activities. Read more about the measures we take to protect your LinkedIn account.


  1. Profile view

  2. Send a connection request

  3. Check connection

  4. Send a LinkedIn message

Profile view

Set this step to automate visiting contacts' profiles on LinkedIn.

Send a connection request

This step allows you to send connection invitations on LinkedIn to your contacts. You can create an invitation message to send together with the connection request.

Type your message in the text editor and add variables to the body of your text to personalize your messages.

Check connection

Add this conditioning step to check if contacts are first-degree connections with you on LinkedIn.

You can use this checking step to direct contacts down one path or another based on whether contacts are part of your LinkedIn network.

Send a LinkedIn message

Set this step to message contacts you are connected to on LinkedIn.

Create your LinkedIn message in the text editor. You can also use variables to personalize your messages.

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