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Integrate your Calendly account with Overloop and easily add meeting invitations to your email campaigns and manage contacts based on their engagement.


Connect a Calendly account

  1. Navigate to the Integrations marketplace and choose Calendly.

  2. Log in to your Calendly account.

Note: your Calendly pricing plan should give you access to the Get custom integrations with webhooks feature.

Add Calendly events to your emails

When composing an email (in a workflow or from conversations), click on the Calendly icon in the email editor and choose the needed event. The link will be automatically added to your email.

Calendly events and workflows

Automatic enrollment

Your workflows can automatically enroll your contacts when they book or cancel a meeting with you.


Contacts can automatically exit your workflows when they book or cancel a meeting.

Tracking & Filters

When a contact schedules or cancels an event in your Calendly, we'll track it and show it on the contact's timeline.

You can also filter your contacts who booked or cancelled a meeting with you. Read more on how to use filters.

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