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Overloop lets you filter important groups of contacts, so you can send them targeted emails. For example, you can look for contacts whose job title contains the word "representative", whose country is "United States of America", who are in any workflow.

You can save the filtered contacts into a Segment.

Categories of filters

See the full list of available filters with descriptions.

  • Contact's information
    Personal details of your contacts, date of the last sent email, creation source (import, extension, etc.), responsible user, lists, etc.

  • Tracking
    You can filter your contacts according to their level of interaction with you (opens, clicks, replies, bounces, etc.).

  • Workflows
    Find contacts who have been in a certain workflow or are currently receiving emails.

  • Custom Fields
    Filter contacts based on the info from the Custom Fields.

Create flexible segments with multiple filters

You can use multiple filters at the same time. To add more filters, click on the plus sign.

Then choose whether the contacts need to match all of the filters or at least one of them.

  • AND operator: with this option, you'll see only the contacts who match all of the selected filters at the same time.

  • OR operator: the contacts are shown if they match at least one of the filters that you selected.

For example, you can use this to create a segment including all your European contacts. You'll have to add a "Country is XXX" filter for each European country and use the OR operator.

Using AND and OR operators at the same time

For more complex segmenting you can use both types of operators (AND and OR) at the same time.

  1. Add another condition box by clicking the + Add filter button.

  2. Then select the needed operator.

For example, you can filter the contacts that are on a certain list and are from Belgium or the United Kingdom.

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