Streamline Your Sales Workflow with Aircall Integration in Overloop

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Integrate your Aircall account with Overloop to make and receive calls directly within Overloop, automate call logging, and efficiently manage follow-ups. Benefit from synced call data and gain insights into your team's performance.

Connect an Aircall account

Note: You need to be an admin in your Aircall account to connect the integration.

  1. Navigate to the Features and Integrations page and choose Aircall.

  2. Select the numbers you want to use to make and receive calls. Remember that only the calls from selected numbers will be synced with Overloop.

  3. Set up the user mapping: map users in Overloop with users in Aircall.

  4. Set up the call outcomes mapping. Map call outcomes in Overloop with Aircall tags.

Start calls from Overloop

Once the integration is configured, you can call your prospects directly from your Overloop account.

Remember that the phone numbers of your prospects should be saved in the international standard E.164.

E.164 numbers are formatted [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code] and can have a maximum of fifteen digits.

Calls in campaigns

  1. Add a Call Task step in your campaign.

  2. When prospects get to this step of the campaign, we'll create a task for you. You can add your call script or notes to it.

  3. Click on the green button to start the call.

  4. After the call is done, select the call outcome.

  5. The outcomes will be used in the campaign reporting as well, providing insights into your performance.

Quick Direct Calls

Quickly initiate a call by clicking on the blue phone button on the prospect's panel. The call duration is recorded for your reference.

Note: Calls started outside of campaign tasks are not included in the campaign performance report.

Receive calls

When receiving a call through the Aircall app, relevant prospect details from Overloop are displayed, providing instant context for personalized conversations.

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