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Choose which emails to sync with Overloop

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Overloop allows you to control which emails are visible and synced on the platform. By default, we show only the emails sent through Overloop and their corresponding replies. However, if you want a more inclusive sync experience, additional settings can be adjusted.

How to Enable Complete Mailbox Sync

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email accounts.

  2. Select the needed email account.

  3. Look for the toggle option named Sync emails sent/received outside of Overloop and turn it on.

You'll see two more toggle options to further customize your sync preferences:

Sync only emails from existing prospects:

  • On: The system will sync emails that you sent (and receive) to your prospects directly from your mailbox, but only if the recipient is already listed as a prospect in Overloop.

  • Off: With the primary setting active (i.e., Sync emails sent/received outside of Overloop), Overloop will sync all emails from and to any email address present in the mailbox.

Important: with the Sync emails sent/received outside of Overloop option active and the Sync only emails from existing prospects setting off, Overloop will automatically create new prospects if the email address is not already registered in the system.

Sync only emails with specific labels:

You can choose specific email labels for syncing. When this option is selected, only emails with the designated labels will be synced to Overloop. This feature is ideal if you want to categorize your emails and sync only particular categories or topics.

Note: if you choose this option and don't select any labels, no new emails will be synced at all.

For more information, feature insights, or support, please don't hesitate to reach out to Overloop's dedicated support team at

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