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Connect your email account and set up your signature, daily sending limit, etc.

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To send and receive emails with Overloop, you need to connect an existing email account and configure the settings linked to it.

The email account can be personal or shared with your team.

Connect an Email Account

Currently supported Email Service Providers (ESPs) are Google, Office 365, or your own SMTP server.

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Email Accounts.

  2. Click on the Connect an Email Account button.

  3. Select your ESP and follow the instructions (or fill out the form with the required information).

  4. Choose if you want to set up a team or personal account and if you want to sync emails from your mailbox. You can change this setting later.

Configure Your "From name"

The "From name" is the name that your prospects will see in your emails.

For a GSuite/Gmail email account, you can edit it in the settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email Accounts.

  2. Select the needed email account and click on it.

  3. Update your name in the "From name" field and click the Save Changes button.

Your From name will be changed in all future emails sent with this sending address.

For Outlook/Office365 email accounts, the "From name" is configured in your Microsoft email account settings, not in Overloop.

Configure Your Email Signature

You can set one custom signature per email account. Your signature is automatically attached at the bottom of every email you send with Overloop.

Here's how to configure your signature:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Email Accounts.

  2. Select the needed email account and click on it.

  3. Switch to the Signature tab.

  4. Design your signature as you want it to appear in your emails.

  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Add pictures to my signature

When setting up your signature, click the Image button in the editor:

From there, you have three possibilities:

  1. Drag and drop a picture directly from one of your folders.

  2. Click to and browse through your folders, the "old-school" way.

  3. Click the URL icon and paste a URL to your image.

You can then align the image, add a link, change its size, or delete it.

Configure the Daily Sending Limit

To protect your email address and your domain reputation, each email account has a daily sending limit. This is the maximum number of emails that an email account can send per day through Overloop.

What is my sending limit, and how to change it?

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Email Accounts.

  2. Select the needed email account and click on it.

  3. Choose the wanted limit from the drop-down menu in the Max. emails/day field and click the Save Changes button.

CNAME and sending limit

If you don't have the CNAME (dedicated tracking domain) set up in your account, the maximum daily limit for your email accounts is 50. We enforce this limit to protect your email account and prevent the emails you send from being considered SPAM.
โ€‹Configure the CNAME to set a higher sending limit.

A note about Gmail/GSuite

Gmail allows you to send up to 500 emails per day.
GSuite allows 2,000 emails per day.

Remember that this is the maximum total number of emails you can send on a 24-hour window. This limit also includes emails sent from outside Overloop (directly from Gmail, for example).

More information about Google's limits is here.

Warm-up and sending limit

If your email account is brand new, you can't start sending many cold emails at once. This will damage your sending address' reputation, and you may end up being blocked by your ESP. This is why we set a limit of 50 emails/day for email accounts that need a warm-up.

You should start sending emails with this low limit and, depending on your sending, the restriction will be automatically lifted soon after. Usually, it takes about a week or two. Then you can increase your sending limit to the desired amount.

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