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Open Tracking

How to view the prospects who opened your emails

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Overloop can automatically detect when a prospect opens your email.

How to enable open tracking?

This option is enabled by default and can be disabled from Settings > Tracking.


When open tracking is enabled, each email that you send from Overloop contains a tracking pixel – a tiny invisible image, which we include in the body of every email. Your recipients can’t see it, but our system tracks when the image is downloaded from our servers. This is how we know that the email was opened.

Because of that, tracking may not work or work incorrectly in some cases:

  • If a prospect uses a security tool that blocks open tracking.

  • If a prospect uses a security tool that scans the incoming emails (and therefore downloads the tracking pixel from our servers), you'll see an open tracked the same minute the email was delivered.

  • If you open the email yourself from the Sent folder of your mailbox, we'll track an open by the initial prospect.

  • If a prospect forwards the email, we cannot distinguish if it’s one person who opens it multiple times or several people. Each recipient who opens it will be recorded as an open by the initial prospect.

How to see who opened my emails?

There are a couple of ways you can see who opened your emails.

Email notification

We will notify you via email each time a prospect opens your email. If you feel overwhelmed with the number of notifications, you can disable them in the Notifications settings.

List View

On the Prospects page, you can see the tracking column. The number near the envelope icon shows how many times the prospect opened your emails.


You can use filters to only display prospects who opened your emails. To do so, click on the + Add filter button. Then select the needed filter:

  • Opened - display prospects who opened any of the sent emails at least once.

  • Number of openings - filter by the number of times prospects opened your emails.

  • Opened email date - display prospects who opened emails on/before/after a selected date.

  • Opened email subject - filter prospects who opened emails with specific subjects.

  • Opened email origin - filter prospects who opened emails from a certain workflow only.

  • Opened email sender - display prospects who opened emails from a specific user.

Prospect’s page

The email opens can also be seen on the prospects' panels.

Campaign Performance

If you want to see the open rate of a certain campaign, you can do it from the Performance tab.

Here you can find a graph with the number and percentage of prospects who opened. And also here is the button with the stats by clicking on which you'll see the list of prospects who opened your emails.

Reports: Replies funnel

Navigate to Reports > Outbound > Replies funnel to see the full funnel: contacted prospects > opened > replied.

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