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Choose which emails to sync with Overloop
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After connecting your email account, you can choose which inbound and outbound emails to sync and show in your Overloop conversations.

Note: remember that Overloop automatically creates new contacts for every new conversation in your account if that email address doesn't exist in your account yet.

To manage the email sync settings, navigate to the Settings > Email accounts, choose the needed email account, and click on it.

Send Emails Only

If you choose to send emails only, we will show and sync only emails that you send from Overloop and replies to those emails.

Send and Receive Emails

Sync all emails with Overloop

This option will sync all inbound and outbound emails received and sent from this email address.

Only sync emails of some specific labels with Overloop

You can choose to sync only emails that are in particular labels/folders in your mailbox.

Note: if you choose this option and don't select any labels, no new emails will be synced at all.

Only sync emails of existing contacts

This option will only sync emails (send and received) from contacts on your contacts list in Overloop.

Disregarding the settings above, we'll always track and show replies that your existing contacts send after you contact them via Overloop.

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