Create dynamic segments to manage your prospects

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What is a segment?

A segment is a group of your prospects defined by the filters that you set. Segments are dynamic – prospects are automatically added to the segment once they are updated to match those filters.

We recommend creating a segment for every key group of prospects you'd like to target.

Create a segment

Use filters to identify groups

To create a segment, first, you need to select the filters on your Prospects page.

For example, if you want to create a segment of prospects living in the US, just use the condition β€œCountry > is > United States of America". See the full list of available filters.

Then click Save segment and give your segment a name (something easy to remember, like 'US Prospects'). Your new segment will appear to the left of your prospects list.


You can add lists and segments to the Favorites menu, which is shown above your other segments and lists, to have quick access to them.

To do so, just click on the actions button (three dots) of the needed segment > Add to Favorites.

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