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You can set up 3 different types of time zones in your Overloop account:

  • Report/Company time zone: Only account admins can modify it. It's used at the account level to align reports.

  • User profile time zone: Every user can modify it to facilitate their use of the app.

  • Workflow time zone: It is individual for each workflow and it defines the sending hours of the emails in the workflow.

The goal is to allow every user to have their own schedule while allowing sales leaders/managers to have a comprehensive overview of the account's activity.

Report/Company time zone

Only admins are allowed to set up the company time zone. If the Report time zone is not configured, the default UTC+0 is used.

  1. Choose the needed time zone from the drop-down list under the Report time zone menu.

User time zone

To modify the time zone at the user level, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Profile.

  2. Change your time zone.

The profile time zone will be used by default in the workflows that you create. You can manage the time zone of each workflow in the workflow settings.

Campaign time zone

  1. Open the needed campaign.

  2. Click on the Settings tab.

  3. Select the needed time zone for this campaign from the drop-down menu in the Scheduling section.

Read more about the email sending time settings.

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