Sending Time

Learn how to set the sending time and schedule your campaign

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Sending schedule

You need to configure three parameters of the sending time:

  • Days of the week when you want us to send out the emails.

  • Time frame when the sending should start and stop. We'll send emails only between the selected hours.

  • Time zone.

There is no way to select the exact time for the email to be sent out.

In a new campaign

When creating a new campaign, you will be asked to set the sending schedule as one of the setup steps.

In an existing campaign

You can find and manage the schedule in the Settings tab of your campaign.

Sending queue

Overloop doesn't send emails simultaneously. Instead, we send emails in a queue, one by one.

By default, 1 email is sent per 30 seconds from one email account. With the default settings, one sender can send up to 120 emails per hour.

You can choose the throttling speed, with options ranging from the default 30 seconds up to 5 minutes. If you select the maximum throttling time of 5 minutes, this would equate to a maximum of 12 emails per hour. You can change your throttling speed in Settings > Email accounts. Remember that adjusting the throttling speed will directly impact the number of emails you can send per hour.

If you are running multiple campaigns with the same sender, then all emails from all those campaigns are in the same sending queue.

The queue is formed on a first-come-first-served basis. Those prospects who enter an email step earlier receive their email first. The system doesn’t differentiate if it's the first email in a sequence or a follow-up, the same campaign or different. The moment a prospect enters an email step, they enter the sending queue.

Sending limit

Emails are sent according to your sending limit. It doesn't matter how long the sending time is. Once the limit is reached, the system will stop sending emails for this day. All the prospects who were still in the queue will remain waiting until the next sending day.

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