You can find your outbound settings in the workflow's Enrollment/Disenrollment box under the Conversations tab.

You need to configure three parameters of the sending time:

  • Send emails on: select the days of the week when you want us to send out the emails.

  • Send emails between: select when the sending should start and stop. We'll send emails only between the selected hours.

  • Time zone: select the time zone of your workflow.

Note: there is no way to select the exact time for the email to be sent out.

Overloop doesn't send emails simultaneously. We send emails in a queue, one by one, 1 email per 30 seconds from one sending address. This means that one sender can send up to 120 emails per hour.

If you are running multiple workflows with the same sender, then all emails from all those workflows are in the same sending queue.

Please, note that the emails are sent according to your sending limit. It doesn't matter how big the sending window is, once the limit is reached, the system will stop sending emails for this day.

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