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Smart Limits for LinkedIn Actions
Smart Limits for LinkedIn Actions
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When it comes to automating your LinkedIn outreach, it's extremely important to limit the number of actions you take per day. But of course, you want to keep your campaigns running and get in touch with as many new leads as possible. This is why Overloop developed Smart Limits.

Smart Limits are defined by our algorithm, which takes into account multiple different factors like the type of your LinkedIn subscription (free or premium) or the number of actions taken the previous day. The algorithm learns from your activity and finds optimal limits on every type of action individually.

You can find your current limits and the number of actions performed today in Settings > LinkedIn account.

Newly connected LinkedIn accounts start with a low limit of 5 actions of each type per day. The maximum limits depend on your LinkedIn subscription:

Action type

Free LinkedIn account

Premium LinkedIn Account

Profile views



Connection requests

25/day and 100/week





Of course, if you want more control over your usage, you can choose to set limits manually. Please remember that this may increase the chances of getting your account flagged by LinkedIn, so we highly recommend keeping the Smart Limits on.

To set the limits manually, turn the toggle "Use smart limits" OFF.

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