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Increase the Page Visit Rate on your Website to Get More Sales
Increase the Page Visit Rate on your Website to Get More Sales
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How to get more sales? This is one of the most common questions we hear. While focusing on your email outreach strategy, it’s also necessary to keep an eye on your page visit rate. It may not be that apparent or even seem less important than the email open or click rate. However, it can show you if prospects browsed through your website’s pages, if they went through your signup or if they completed a purchase, ultimately showing your conversion rate. So increasing the page visit rate can bring you more sales.

Are you not tracking your page visits with Overloop yet? This article will help you set it up.

Here are a few tips that will help you analyze the current state of your conversion funnel and give you ideas on how to improve your page visit rate.

Check the setup

You need to exclude the possibility of any tech problems. Hence, the first thing you should do is check if everything is set up and working correctly.

  • Are the pages loading correctly?
    Click through your website pages, especially those you want to track, and make sure that there are no bugs with the content of the pages: all images or videos are loading correctly, the buttons are responsive, etc.

  • Is the tracking code installed correctly?
    Open your Overloop account and navigate to Settings > Tracking: the page visit tracking status should be Verified. If it’s not verified, check if the tracking code is installed on the needed pages before the closing </body> tag.

If you are sure that there are no technical issues, go on with the following advice set.

Optimize your website

Try to reproduce your prospects’ journey – starting with the link they received in an email from your campaign to the last page that you track (be it the purchase confirmation, signup, or filling in a form, etc.). Look at your website through your prospects’ eyes and answer these questions:

  • Are pages loading fast enough?
    It’s a known conversion killer. Just imagine when you’re not yet sure whether you’re interested in the offered product or service, and it takes ages to load the page with delivery conditions, for example. Would you keep waiting, or would you give up and leave right there?

  • Is it easy to navigate through your website?
    Should your prospects want to check additional info (delivery conditions, customer reviews, feature descriptions, etc.), would it be easy to find it? Make sure that the menu buttons are clear and the navigation is user-friendly. You may want to add a search option too.

  • Are the call-to-action buttons visible and engaging?
    When browsing through your website, is it clear where to click to proceed to the purchase (or your conversion event)? As a potential customer, would you notice those buttons?

These are just a few ideas to consider. But I hope that having answered those questions, you’ll better understand what you need to do to get more page visits and, therefore, more sales.

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