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Page Visit Tracking
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Overloop allows you to track if prospects visited certain pages of your website so you can measure the results of your campaigns.

How to enable the page visit tracking

  1. Navigate to Settings > Conversations > Tracking and enable Click Tracking.

  2. Copy the code that you can find under Page Visit Tracking and place this code on any page of your website that you want to track, before the closing </body> tag.


As we use cookies to track page visits, the tracking may not work in some cases:

  • If a prospect uses an ad blocker or any other security tool that blocks cookies.

  • If the cookies are blocked in the prospect's browser.

  • If a prospect uses a private/incognito mode of their browser.

  • If a prospect opens the tracked page by entering the URL directly in the browser without clicking a link in your email, etc.

How to see who visited the tracked pages?

There are a couple of ways you can check who visited the pages that you track.

Email notification

We will notify you via email each time a prospect visited a page. If you feel overwhelmed with the number of notifications, you can disable them in the Notifications settings.


You can use filters to display prospects who visited pages that you track. To do so, click on the + Add filter button. Then select the needed filter:

  • Number of page visits - filter by the number of times prospects visited the pages that you track.

  • Visited page date - display prospects who visited the tracked pages on/before/after a selected date.

  • Visited page title - filter prospects who visited pages with certain titles.

  • Visited page URL - filter prospects who visited certain URLs.

Prospect’s page

The page visits can also be seen on the prospect's panel.

Campaign Performance

If you want to see the page visits rate of a certain campaign, you can do it from the Performance tab. Here you can find the number and percentage of prospects who visited the tracked pages from this campaign.

Reports: Visits funnel

Navigate to Reports > Outbound > Visits funnel to see the full funnel: contacted prospects > opened > clicked > visited.

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