How to Create a Deal
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There are multiple ways to create a deal in Overloop:

Create a deal manually

You can create a deal manually. On the deals and pipelines page, click on the + New Deal button and manually enter the information.

When you create a deal, you will have to fill in this info:

  • The title of the deal;

  • The monetary value of the deal;

  • The expected close date (make sure to be realistic as it will be very useful in your forecast);

  • The owner of the deal;

  • In which pipeline & stage you want to create the deal.

Moreover, we recommend you link your deal to a prospect and/or an organization.

Create a deal from a workflow

In a workflow, you can choose to create a deal in one of your pipelines.

To do that, use the Add deal action:

The expected close date is the number of days relative to the date of the creation of the deal by the workflow.

Import deals

If you already have a list of deals, you can import them into your Overloop account.

Please follow these steps:

  1. From the deals and pipelines page, click on the Import button

  2. Choose a CSV or an XLS file to upload from your computer

Mapping the fields

In the mapping section, select a field for each column of your file. Fields that are not matched will not be imported. Make sure you map at least the Title, the Pipeline Name, and the Stage Name. These fields are mandatory.

Create deals from the API

You can also choose to create deals using our API. Please refer to our API documentation for that.

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