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Multiple Senders in a Campaign
Multiple Senders in a Campaign
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Adding multiple sending addresses to your email campaigns can help to spread out your sending load and ensure better deliverability. This article will explain how multiple senders are managed within our tool and the considerations you need to keep in mind.

Adding multiple email senders to a campaign

You can add more than one email sender to your campaign in the campaign settings. Just click on the 'Add Sender' button under the first sender.

How prospects are assigned

When you have multiple senders, we assign prospects to the email accounts with the lowest number of emails in the sending queue compared to the daily sending limit. This helps to balance the sending load across all your connected email accounts, maximizing efficiency and deliverability.

Handling disconnected or removed senders

Disconnection or removal of a sender can affect your campaigns. Here's what happens in each scenario.

Disconnecting email account:

  • If the disconnected sender is the only one in a campaign, the campaign will be paused, and prospects will fail the email steps. If you reconnect this email account, the errors will be resolved automatically, and the sending will restart as soon as you resume the campaign.

  • If the disconnected sender is one of the multiple senders, prospects not yet reached by this sender will be reassigned to the remaining senders. However, prospects that were already reached by this sender will fail the email steps.

Removing a sender from a campaign (without disconnecting the email account):

  • If a sender is removed from an active campaign, the remaining senders will proportionally take over the prospects.

Always ensure your changes do not negatively impact your ongoing campaigns. Pay special attention when disconnecting an email account, as it can disrupt your campaign flow and affect email tracking.

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