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At Overloop, connecting aliases is not permitted; we support the use of original email addresses exclusively for managing your email campaigns. Here's why this policy is in place and how you can make the most of our platform's features:

Why Avoid Aliases?

Aliases don't work as separate email accounts. Having 5 aliases linked to one inbox, you will still send emails from that one inbox. This means you can't use them to send a higher volume of emails, as this will overload your inbox. Moreover, such an approach will damage your email account's reputation, which will affect your deliverability.

Optimizing Your Use of Overloop

To effectively amplify your email outreach, set up new inboxes and domains rather than using aliases.

You have an option to connect additional email accounts if needed. Ask our support team for assistance.

You can use multiple email addresses in one campaign to reach a wider audience without straining a single inbox.

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