The Salesforce integration allows you to keep contacts and leads up-to-date. You can connect your Salesforce account from the Integrations marketplace.

Integration Setup

You need to configure all the settings in the Settings, User Mapping, Field Mapping, and Sync tabs. After that, you need to enable the sync.


You can set Overloop as the Lead source in Salesforce.

If you want to copy all emails that you send via Overloop in your Salesforce, you can add the Salesforce BCC address here. If you have multiple users, you can set a unique BCC address for each user in the next step (User mapping).

User mapping

Match contacts' owners in Overloop with users in Salesforce if their emails are the same on both platforms.

You can also add a unique BCC address (email to Salesforce address) for each user to log emails sent via Overloop in your Salesforce account.

Field mapping

Define how data matches between Overloop and Salesforce. Read more here.


To start syncing your contacts, configure the bi-directional sync.

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