Where to Find Your SMTP and IMAP Settings
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If you’re using a service like Hotmail, Yahoo, or your own server you'll need to input your SMTP and IMAP settings to connect the address in Overloop.

The minimum settings are:

  • The SMTP/IMAP host addresses

  • The SMTP/IMAP ports

  • A login

  • A password

Most of the time, the login and password are the same for SMTP and IMAP. In case they're different, click on the Use different credentials for IMAP checkbox on the configuration screen.

Use a public provider

Here is a list of some well-known SMTP/IMAP providers and a link to their documentation where you can find the settings:

Use your own SMTP/IMAP server

If you're not familiar with the settings of your server, we recommend handing the task to your technical team.

Don't use transactional Emails Service Providers

Some Email Service Providers (ESPs) are meant for transactional emails only so they only provide SMTP and not IMAP. It won’t work with your Overloop account.

Here is a list of some well-known transactional ESPs:

  • Sendgrid

  • Sendinblue

  • Postmark

  • Mailjet

  • Amazon AWS (SES)

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