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About the Deals Forecast
About the Deals Forecast

Learn how to predict your revenue

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Deals forecast allows you to estimate your future sales revenue. Which, in its turn, helps in overall business planning and budgeting.

How to find the forecasts?

On the Deals page select the Forecasts tab.

You can filter which deals are included in the forecast by:

  • pipelines;

  • deal owners;

  • deal statuses;

  • etc.

To select the filters, click on the Filters drop-down menu.

How to understand the forecast?

Each column shows the list of deals that are won and/or are expected to be closed in the given month.

Expected revenue

The forecast gives you the expected revenue amount, which includes:

  • the sum of the values of all closed deals in this month;

  • the sum of the values of the deals that are expected to be closed this month, based on the probability of the current stage of the deal.

For example: the expected revenue for April is €11,400 = €0 won + 20% of €57,000.

In this month there are no closed deals yet (€0 won).

And the expected revenue is 20% of the value of the 2 deals that are going to be closed in April = 20% * (€7,000 + €50,000).

The percentage is based on the probability of the current stage of the deals. The further you move those deals through the pipelines, the higher the probability of winning, and the higher the percentage taken for calculation of the expected revenue.

Different currencies

Different pipelines can have different currencies. This means that in one month there can be deals (won and/or expected to be won) with the values in different currencies.

The expected revenue is shown in the default currency of your account. Read more about the currencies.

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