Split the workflow into two paths, based on the conditions

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This step allows you to split the further steps of the workflow into two paths, depending on the filters you select.

Conditions may be based on the list, prospect's info, your custom fields, tracking (opened, clicked, etc.), and other workflows. You can use multiple filters in one conditions step.

For example, you can apply the filter and send one email if a prospect replied, and another if they didn’t.

We suggest inserting a delay before the Conditions step if you base the filters on the prospect's interaction with your emails. This way, the prospect will have some time to open/click/reply to your email before proceeding to the Yes or No path.

Note: if you want the condition to check if prospects opened/clicked/replied to emails in the current workflow only, use the filter based on the email origin "Opened/clicked/replied email origin > is > [workflow name]".

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