With the bi-directional sync, you can push data from Overloop to your Salesforce or HubSpot account and vice versa automatically. When the sync is enabled, we scan both apps every 10 minutes. If there are any changes in one app we update the info in the second app.

To enable the bi-directional sync, navigate to the settings > click on the Salesforce or HubSpot integration > Sync, and switch the toggle.

Sync settings

Record creation

Under Record creation, you can choose whether you want to create new prospects in Overloop when a new record in Salesforce or HubSpot is created and/or vice versa.

Note: we map the records by email addresses. If a record with the same email address already exists, we will update the existing record instead of creating a new one.

Record modification

The Record modification is enabled by default when the sync is turned on. This means that any changes done to the existing records in one app will be automatically updated in the other app every 10 minutes.

Note: if a record has empty fields, it will not override the existing data in the other app.

Record deletion

Bi-directional sync will never delete any records.

Conflict management

Conflict management shows which app takes priority over the other in case of conflict. Conflicts can occur when the data is different in both apps before syncing or when the data was changed in both apps between 2 syncs.

Account protection

To avoid overloading the system, you may disable the sync for large updates and set a limit for the number of records per single sync under Account protection.

Here you can also set the maximum number of API calls per day to avoid reaching your Salesforce or HubSpot API request limit (for more information, please contact your Salesforce/HubSpot admin).

Got questions? Contact our support at support@overloop.com.

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