How Do Credits Work?
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Credits are used to discover email addresses using our Email Finder.

You'll spend 1 credit when:

  • We provide an email address for you, whether through our Chrome Extension or Email Finder.

  • If your account is on one of our legacy (old) plans, credits are also used to send emails: 1 credit = 1 sent email. You can recognize such a pricing plan by its name number of credits + Yearly/Monthly, e.g. 5k Credits Yearly.

How to get more credits?

If you don't have credits in your subscription or if you don't have enough, you can get an additional subscription for credits.

Navigate to the Settings > Subscriptions, find the additional credits section, and subscribe.

Then choose the number of additional credits that fits your needs. These credits will be added to your monthly subscription and will be automatically renewed at the start of each billing period.

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