Create web forms on Overloop and embed them on your website to collect the contact information of new contacts.

You can customize the forms' fields to gather the data you need and store it directly in your Overloop account.


  1. Create and edit a Web Form

  2. Share a Web Form

  3. Conversations started from Web Forms

Create and edit a Web Form

To create a new web form, go to Settings > Web Forms and click on the + New Web Form button.

You can select from starting from scratch or edit one of our pre-made templates.

On the web form editor start configuring the fields to collect the information you need.

To add a new field, hover between the fields and click on the "+" signal.

There are two types of customizable fields on Overloop web forms: text fields and attributes fields.

Text fields

The text fields allow you to fully edit and insert personalized texts and titles into your web forms. To edit a text field, hover over the field and click on the edit button.

Attributes fields

Attribute fields are the predefined fields you can select from Overloop. You can choose over 1000 contact fields and define which information you want to collect from contacts.

To edit an attribute, hover over the needed field, and click on the edit button. You can add labels to your attribute fields and customize how they will appear in your web form.

To define fields as mandatory to answer, you can enable the required option.


On the right side of the page, we display the preview of your web form to you to see what it will look like for your contacts.

Choose from Standalone or Embedded preview. Standalone is the web form you share with your contacts through a URL link. Embedded web forms are the ones you add as part of your website. Overloop offers the web forms code so you can embed it on your company's web page.

Reorganizing fields order

To reorganize the order of the fields, simply click and drag the field to move it up and down the question order.

Confirmation message

Define the confirmation message contacts see after completing the form successfully.

Go to Settings > Web Forms, open the needed web form, and click on the Submit Options tab. There are two ways you can set your confirmation message:

  • Display a personalized message

Define a title and a body text to your confirmation message. You can add hyperlinks and direct contacts to an external web address. Click on the link icon and add the needed URL link.

  • Redirect to a custom URL

Copy and paste the URL you want to direct contacts to after filling out your web forms.


Overloop allows you to customize and edit your web forms to match your company style.

Go to Settings > Web Forms, open the needed web form, and click on the Styles tab to adjust the fields' sizes and layout.

You can change the color of the web form submit button. And choose from a light or dark theme to follow the style of your website.

Share a Web Form

After creating your Web Forms, it is time to share them with your contacts. Navigate to the Web Form page, click on the action button (three dots) of the needed web form > Share.

  • Share via link

Simply copy the given link and send it to your contacts.

  • Embed the form on your website

Copy the code and paste it into your web page, where you would like to display it.

Conversations started from Web Forms

Every time a contact submits or fills in your web form Overloop creates a new conversation.

On the web form's settings page, you can define how to manage new conversations created through Web Forms. You can choose from two options:

  • Keep it unassigned

  • Automatically assign conversations to a user.

Go to Settings > Web Forms, open the needed web form, and click on the Submit Options tab.

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